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The Mary McClellan Foundation promotes and supports the health care needs of the community in the Towns of Cambridge, Easton, Greenwich, Jackson, Salem, and White Creek in Washington County and the Town of Hoosick in Rensselaer County, New York, by making grants to local non-profit organizations which directly or indirectly provide for the health care needs of the community. The Foundation emphasizes those needs, which have become more acute by reason of the closure of the Mary McClellan.

Grant Support Opportunities

The Mary McClellan Foundation (MMF) invites proposals from nonprofit organizations interested in receiving grant support to address the health care needs of the communities of Southern Washington County, New York and the town of Hoosick. The MMF is particularly interested in supporting programs or services that have been or need to be developed to fill the gap caused by the closure of the Mary McClellan Hospital. Grants usually range in size up to $20,000.

Programs funded under the grant should address the health care needs of community members in one, several or all of the following Washington County townships: Cambridge, Easton, Greenwich, Jackson, Salem, or White Creek as well as the Town of Hoosick in Rensselaer County. A nonprofit is not required to be located in one of these townships but it must serve a significant number of residents in one or more of these municipalities. Each nonprofit can submit multiple requests to MMF, but the organization should prioritize their requests.

Mary McClellan
Mary McClellan Hospital
About MMF

Founded in 1989, The Mary McClellan Foundation (MMF), once primarily supported the efforts of the Mary McClellan Hospital, which closed in 2003.  The Foundation had been dormant during the Hospital’s bankruptcy proceedings and has now been revived under a new board of directors.  The income generated from the Foundation’s assets will be used to support the healthcare needs of the community once served by the Hospital

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